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How does TouchMenu work for your customers?

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TouchMenu for hotels

Faster. Easier. Safer.

Цялостно решение
An all-in-onen solution

Combines the menus of all restaurants, bars, SPA and wellness, organized activities, and services.

Интерактивна услуга
Interactive servicing

Allows for placing fast contactless orders, booking appointments, making reservations, and planning activities.

Интелигентна организация
Intelligent organization

Reduces overcrowding and ensures safety for the staff, the visitors, and the customers.

Безконтактни поръчки
Contactless orders

Allows expeditious and smooth provision of digital room service without direct contact with the guests.

Планиране и анализ
Planning and analysis

Ensures transparent statistics on consumer behavior and supports better planning.

Печелившо бюджетиране
Profitable budgeting

Saves on the cost of printed materials, service personnel, and human errors in personal service.

Grow your business

Expand your business - intelligently and digitally!

TouchMenu is a tool that grants immediate access to a list of products and services through the personal smartphones of your customers. It is suitable for servicing current orders both on-site and remotely, as well as for reservations and bookings from potential future clients.
With TouchMenu, you'll enhance the user experience while focusing on optimizing your resources and multiplying the profits for your business.

  • Increased customer engagement;
  • Notable cost reduction;
  • Elimination of communication errors;
  • Improved service capacity;
  • Instant reactions at crucial moments.

Be online and conquer new horizons!

The menu is not merely the "business card" of the restaurant - it is its very core and its most potent marketing tool. That's why we allow you to make it more accessible, convenient, and productive with just a simple step - moving it into the pocket of your customers.

React flexibly and stay competitive!

Unfortunately, the last year has not been very comfortable for the hospitality industry. The pandemic and the lifestyle alterations it imposed transformed the scene and prevented businesses from functioning at their full pace.

To help you cope with the consequences, we offer you a solution to adapt to the situation's dynamics. TouchMenu is an entirely new way to communicate with visitors to hotels and restaurants - fast, digital, efficient, and 100% remote. It's not just about minimizing your losses, but increasing your profits instead!

The platform offers opportunities for inspecting menus and creating contactless orders - to the table, room, lounge, or any space in which your business delivers meals, following the current official requirements.

How is the TouchMenu platform perfectly suitable for hotels?

Given the reduced capacity or the total closure of the feeding zones, the tourist business generated a lot of losses. Moreover, they accumulated due to the unclear, cumbersome and challenging organization of meal provision during a hotel stay in the unusual situation.

With the help of TouchMenu, visitors to hotels and guest houses can take advantage of a new generation of digital room service.

  • Above all, the application eliminates the need for live interaction and all associated losses - of time, on-site staff resources, and paper menus to be distributed throughout the hotel;
  • TouchMenu gathers all available information about the products and services offered in all parts of the hotel in one place - restaurants, SPA areas, sports facilities, special procedures, etc.;
  • Customers can order meals to their room or make appointments for services 100% remotely, according to the schedule of available booking hours. This allows for smooth coordination of anti-epidemic measures, better planning, and more adaptable response from all parties;
  • The platform eliminates the prospect of human error and barriers in the communication process at 100%. Among other things, it will enhance the quality of the customer experience and ensure that your clients always get precisely what they have ordered.

Why do restaurants need an online menu?

Your customers are online!

In the situation we find ourselves in, an increasing number of people are attempting to limit physical contact. As a result, many users reach out to online search engines to obtain the online menus of the hotels and restaurants they intend to visit.

That's why being present online is nowadays more crucial than ever before. With TouchMenu, your offers will be exactly where your clients are - just a click away!

Your customers are looking for you!

If a customer hasn't ever heard of your restaurant, they are very unlikely to place a direct order from you. Instead, they will want to examine your menu and find out precisely what you have to offer.

With a well-organized and easy-to-use online menu, you will help your potential buyers find their next favorite restaurant - yours!

Your customers need convenience and safety!

Making an online menu for your restaurant is an excellent way to show your clients that you care about their health and safety. What's more, you will also do the same for your own employees and your own team.

After making a contactless order, the food can be picked up on the spot or delivered - to the hotel room or the consumer's address.

TouchMenu for cafes: no more queues!

Unlike hotels and restaurants, most cafes offer mainly little snacks and drinks, often ordered with a "take away" option. In a situation of limited seating capacity, this often results in queuing and limiting the operational capability of the cafe.

Thanks to the digital menu in TouchMenu, you can allow customers to get acquainted with the offers of your cafe in advance. This way, they will know exactly what they want and will be able to get it quickly and without hesitation.

What's more - our platform will give them several handy options - to place a contactless order or to come to the place with a ready-made list of desired products. The advantage is that in both cases you will limit the crowd in front of the cafe.

Choose the TouchMenu digital solution and level up!

Technology: a solid bridge between businesses and customers

Advanced technology

More than 50% of customers cite online shopping as their preferred method of interacting with businesses. TouchMenu offers a comprehensive solution for fast and hassle-free purchasing - anywhere, anytime. In addition, the mobile application caters to the needs of various types of businesses, thus granting the perfect safety of both your staff and your customers.

  • Customization according to prior searches and orders
  • A self-servicing option
  • Opportunity for opening a virtual account
  • Faster and effortless interaction with the staff on site
  • Instant online transactions

The benefits of TouchMenu

How does the app boost your business?

Management center
Management and Control

Control and navigate multiple locations at once, update menus and compare operational efficiency throughout your business services.

Statistics and analysis
Statistics and analysis

Keep track of all in-app orders, compare your locations' productivity and analyse your customers' behaviour based on in-app interactions.

Full integration
Full integration

Instantly connect and synchronize all your existing POS systems and active social media channels with the TouchMenu app.

Resources optimization
Resource optimization

Eliminate additional expenses for printed materials and relocate your budget to perfectly match the needs of your business.

Is your business ready for a change?

Staying ahead of the game

New customers

Target potential customers through our geolocation feature and offer them additional products and services upon completion of the order.

Higher customer engagement

Attract your customers' attention with timely promotional messages, personalized ads, discounts, and important announcements.

Staying ahead of the game
Loyalty programs

Stimulate and reward your most devoted customers by creating exclusive offers, bonus points, discount cards, and more.

Effective communication

Take advantage of TouchMenu in an unlimited number of languages, and don't miss out on the opportunity to be on the potential foreign customers' radar.

No quotes here. Only real-life experiences.

You don't have to imagine your logo here. Let's make it happen.

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Frequently asked questions

What is TouchMenu?

A digital platform that allows any type of business to use an electronic version of its menu, products and services and make it available to their end customers to view, order and pay.

How does TouchMenu work?

The business chooses a plan with features that it wants to be available to its customers through TouchMenu. Through an administrative panel it manages its store and can create and manage its own menu, upload photos, create promotions, receive orders and payments, analyze statistics from the consumption of its customers.

Business customers access the menu via a QR code that the business itself generates through the platform and can place in visible places in its store. Users scan the code using the camera on their mobile device and are taken directly to the menu. In addition, TouchMenu will include your business in its online platform, which can be accessed through web or through the TouchMenu application, where users can search for businesses, products and services by interests.

I'm not a restaurant, can I still use TouchMenu in my business?

TouchMenu is suitable for any type of business that wants to have the opportunity for customers to receive information about the products and services you offer. If desired, you can activate functionalities to receive orders, make deliveries or take reservations. The service is suitable for restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, spa services and any other type of business offering many products and services.

Can I accept payments via TouchMenu?

TouchMenu allows your business to be integrated with a payment system of your choice to receive payments directly from your customers. For example - virtual POS terminal, ePay, PayPal, etc.

Does it matter which country I am in?

The platform allows us to publish your menu in languages ​​of your choice, allowing you to offer several languages ​​to your customers.

My business is very specific and I don't know if TouchMenu is for me.

We offer a high level of customization of the service we offer. If you think that our regular services do not fully meet your requirements, please get in touch for a custom offer.

I have a specific question to which I do not find an answer.

Contact us for any questions and one of our representatives will contact you.

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